What is AcneTRAC®?

AcneTRAC® is a teledermatology software application that allows the acne patient to store clinical information on a monthly basis and forward the information to a local dermatologist for follow up medical care. A dermatologist can use AcneTRAC® as a tool to remotely treat follow up acne patients. The software provides acne patients with a low cost alternative to monthly dermatology office visits. Patients pay a cash subscription of $29.95/month.

Prior to participation, a candidate must first attend a free 30-minute seminar on acne, its diagnosis and treatment, taught by an AcneTRAC® provider, a Board Certified dermatologist. Instructions will be given on taking consistent and accurate photos, how to upload photos and use AcneTRAC® to provide relevant clinical information for treatment. Candidates will then be evaluated by the dermatologist individually to determine appropriate participation in teledermatology acne follow up.

Once approved by an AcneTRAC® provider, the patient can begin documenting progress every month by uploading photos, recording voice memos, and typing any clinical questions for the dermatologist. The dermatologist will respond within 48 hours with a secure email containing a password-protected PDF of the patient’s treatment plan and prescription. If the patient wishes to be seen, it can be noted in the written or voice memo to the dermatologist. The dermatologist can also advise the patient in the treatment plan to come in for a follow up visit. The monthly subscription fee will be deducted from the usual cash price for a follow up visit.

For $29.95 a month patients receive:

  • Access to download AcneTRAC® to your Mac or PC
  • Photo kit backdrop with how-to instructions
  • Photo/Voice journal to track your progress at home
  • Treatment plan and prescription within 48 hours

Does insurance cover AcneTRAC®?

Insurance does not pay for AcneTRAC® subscriptions. Patients that compare AcneTRAC® with out-of-pocket medical expenses for acne find our price to be lower.

All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. The patient credit card is charged every month. Patients may cancel at any time. AcneTRAC® members that wish to be seen in person for acne, are scheduled at a reduced rate.

We do not accept FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) cards for payment.